Two Years Strong and Two Years Long. University. So Far…

It has been two years to the date (about…) since I started University and overall, I still don’t know what to think about it. Yes, it is so much different then High School and you really do have tons more control over what you do and how you do. But is it really what it is cracked up to be?

Now I don’t mean good in a way that makes you think that University isn’t really for me, because it is. But rather how the overall experience has been so far.

Already, this post is going to be quite long winded so I will break the past two years up in experiences over a couple of segments for everyone. A miniseries of sort. So…


Problem One – The First Step Off the Edge.

From the last moment that I can remember, the day that I finished my final examinations I felt more stressed then I have ever felt before. There was very little excitement or bravo, rather more like the walls were closing in and it was getting harder and harder to breathe. Because back then, the only thing on my mind was the dreaded ‘OP’.

Here in Australia, half of the country run a system called the HSC (or, the High School Certificate) to award final marks for graduating year Twelves. The other half have what we all call Ops or Overall Positions and Rankings. Now I don’t know what the rest of the world does and maybe I should, but here your overall mark controls almost all access into certain tertiary studies.

Now if you haven’t already read my bio yet, I currently study an Architecture degree. It wasn’t always like that. May final mark, although quite high by societies standards, was still three points off accessing Architecture.

For you all over the internet and currently studying at High School, let me tell you this… Your final grade is not the end nor does it define who you are. There are plenty of alternate ways into whatever you want to do or study, no matter what it may be.

Me three years ago didn’t know this and I believe that I really needed someone to say that to me back then. The best thing you can do is breathe, relax and look forward to the next chapter of your life. Because if you fixate in grades and failure the I find that it will only drag you down (from personal experience let me tell you).

What I did was apply for Landscape Architecture instead and worked for a whole year to improve my grades before transferring over to where I am now. It is not hard and only as stressful as you make it. Tea, basketball and chocolate helped me a lot.

Enjoy where you are and what you are doing, and know that with enough effort and determination you can achieve whatever you want.

Does anyone else have any similar experiences or fears? Please, if you feel brave enough, then let us all know in the comments so that we can help boost each other.

 ♥ Lunar

Next: Problem Two – What to wear to University and how much it changes.


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