A Fresh Start (A.K.A. Week One)

New Years Resolutions come and go and I personally know how hard it is stick to them. This year however is going to be different. At least it seems so for the time being. And my number one goal, Fitness!

When I finished school a couple of years ago all sport and activity seemed to slow down and stop. So this year I have decided to change things. I renewed my gym membership and joined up at my local basketball club to play again.

My plan is to change my lifestyle from an inactive uni student to an active one. I need to branch out and explore new social circles otherwise I fear that I will be trapped in the same loop for an eternity.

Therefore, I am going to call this change my Fitness Fresh Start with the new year. Every Monday I am going to photograph myself so that in the end (of however long I decide this shall last), I will be able to look back and compare how far I have come. Or didn’t come…

Week One BWeek One A

Good Luck to me and anyone one else who holds this idealistic dream as well.

♥ Lunar


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