Swapping ‘Selfies’ For Sport

Sometimes you never know how unfit you have become until you take that leap of faith and join a sporting team. Or in my case, Rejoin.

Summer season here is Australia which means the commencement of most sporting teams and clubs. Basketball is no different. To give you all a little background before I start, there are a couple of little facts you should know:


  1. I have been involved in the Sport for over 10 years now.
  2. For 7 of those years I have been a player in School, Club and Representative Teams.
  3. The first club I coached for was an association linked with the Special Olympics and that was for 4 years.
  4. I have been coaching for my current club for over 4 years too.
  5. And finally… I have finally decided to become a player again (against my better judgement).


So Saturday the 9th of January meant that it was ‘D’ Day for the sports commencement.

number 2.jpg

However, what I realised when I turned up was that there was a great divide between the number of men and women participating. Us female were outnumbered 10 to 1.

The biggest drop between the number of female players signing up in basketball is between ages 14-16. Whether it is a greater study load or playing sport simply just seems to be ‘uncool’ I do not understand.

Back when I was that age, teams were the height of socialising and the higher the team you were in, the ‘cooler’ you were deemed. It has only been a couple of years but is that not the case anymore?

With the rapidly growing social media network and accessibility to technology and the internet, sport is being swapped for selfies. However if my generation or any of the ones that follow will be known as the age of technology, I would rather be known for the generation of health and fitness.

Therefore, when I coach the younger divisions, I believe the best way to convince others to join or remain active is through encouragement. Positive reinforcement and a whole team linking together will hopefully be a factor in any further participation further down the track.

And when I don my jersey for my first game on the 11th, I hopefully will be focused building up my own fitness once again. And in doing so, acting as a catalyst for other females to enjoy themselves through the participation of sport once more.

♥ Lunar


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