Aspiration Vs. The Future

It has been just over a week to the day when I met up with one of my good friends for a spot of lunch. And as you do, we got talking. Many topics came and went but the main item we spoke of was our goals and plans for the future.

However, the one thing I cannot forget is our planned long-term goals. Should we plan them and if so, how much importance needs to be stressed? I have so many questions and yet no answers come to mind.

There are things that I desperately want to do like move to England to finish my degree and travel the world. But isn’t this common for most people? (Travelling the world that is). And if so, then how many people actually complete their own goals?

What I figure in the end is that if I have the motivation and determination to want these things then that should be enough. So today I thought that I might like to share a couple of my aspirations with you all and hopefully someone out there may have the same.


Short-Term (2016) 

  1. Travel to New Zealand again – if not for the skiing then for the locations itself.
  2. Do something adventurous – White Water Rafting or Sky Diving looks like they fit the bill.
  3. Change something appearance wise – a different hair cut or colour may be what is in order.
  4. Start a new part-time occupation – lets just say that the environment that my one now is a little bit too toxic.
  5. Socialise – set up some fortnightly gathering up like a girls night.
  6. Finally get that tattoo!!!
  7. Get fit!

Long-Term Goals (2017+) 

  1. Move to England – this is already a plan in motion but something I have always wanted to do.
  2. Earn a scholarship for Architecture
  3. Get accepted into a firm
  4. Travel the world- everyone’s dream I believe.
  5. Start up a vlogging channel with my best friend/s – can you just imagine… three Aussies in the UK
  6. Save over $20 000 for something monumental
  7. Learn to love everything about myself – this is probably the most important one out of the all.


Hopefully one day I can achieve these things… but you can never know what life has in store for us.



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