The Naked Eye (Urban Decay Review)


Whenever I head out to Uni, I never like to go without a subtle and/or simple eye. Now there are a many different types of brands offering a variety of colours, but my forever go to is the Naked 3 Palette from Urban Decay. The more shimmer, the better!



I couldn’t ask for anything better! Each and every colour is rich and highly pigmented. However, the only drawback to this is that transferring the colour from the palette to my eyelid can sometimes be slightly difficult.

Favourite Shades:

I you can’t already tell, I tend to lean more towards the lighter end of the palette. Trick (a copper gold) gives me that perfect middle eyelid sparkle. Two along, Dust (a light shimmery pink) is my most used colour. From all over my eyelid to the brow-bone, this colour works as the perfect highlight or, to be slightly different, a deviation form my normal skin tone.

Mugshot (the deep bronze brown) is everyone’s perfect crease colour. If you are just using this palette, it compliments every single colour whether you are smoking it out or after that subtle look. Burnout (the brown-pink) works as my perfect outer corner colour and blends in perfectly with Dust. Finally, Blackheart (a deep purple-black with flecks of gold) is my go to dark night colour for a not-so-subtle look. It works to give any of my looks a deeper tone.


Exceptional. Offering high quality colours ranging from light pinks and golds to deep purples in both matte and shimmer, Urban Decay’s Naked 3 should be in every makeup lovers essentials. Additionally, the tin quality of the packaging brings a whole other dimension to the product.




The palette costs AUS $81.00 from Mecca, both instore and online but it is a cost I am always willing to fork out if this is what you get.

Does anyone else have any suggestions for different palettes that I could try out?



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