Smoke It Out (Urban Decay Review)

Product Review: Urban Decay Smoky Palette


It has taken me forever to find the right palette with every colour I need without having to mix and match different pigments. However, I have finally stumbled upon it! Containing both matte and shimmer colours, the Naked Smoky Eyeshadow Palette by Urban Decay is my nighttime lifesaver.



Like all Urban Decay products, the Smoky palette lives up to its name. Very pigmented, each colour needs only a minuscule amount for application and will maintain consistency perfectly. The only drawback, like any type of eye shadow, is that the fallout from application is slightly more than I would prefer. No matter how much I start light and build up the colour.

Favourite Shades:

Somehow I always seem to drift towards the more shimmery colours when given the option. So… High (very similar to Dust from the Naked 3 palette, only a slightly lighter shade of pink) is my perfect brow-bone colour for any darker look. Combine this with Dirtysweet (a light brown-gold) and it gives me that lovely pink-bronzed colour. Armor (a shimmery slate silver) is my smoky outer corner go to for a-many nighttime looks.

Now I never thought that a deep navy blue would act well as a crease colour but I was wrong. Dagger has become my smoky eye lifeline. Heading back up the palette colour line, Radar (a dark bronze-brown) acts as my everyday all-over lid colour. And finally, Thirteen. This matte beige white is my inner corner must have which I always use, no matter if it is a smoky or natural eye that day.


Overall Quality:

I will always have a soft spot for Urban Decay Palettes because of their high standard of quality that seems to carry on in each of their products. So why should this one be any different?

The packaging deviates from the regular tin-like quality of past Naked palettes and I love that! Easier to open and just as durable gives it a huge plus in my books. The double tipped brush, however, is rounded rather than their usual flatter applicator. I still don’t know if I prefer this or not as I generally just use my own brushes at home. When it comes to getting ready on the go though, I have found that it does not offer as much versatility as I thought.

Finally, the only second drawback of the palette is its mirror. I detest frosted mirrors! The size is perfect but if only I could actually see properly into it… However, don’t let this deter you from it, because 9 times out of 10 I will still turn to it in an attempt to use it.


Now comes the final question, would I recommend it to others…. YES!! It is excellence with a hint of provocateur all rolled into one.

Does anyone else agree?


The palette costs AUS $81.00 from Mecca, both instore and online.




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