YouTubSpiration | Week One

Youtubespiration: Week One

I have been struggling with finding positivity in life these past two months. And this is something which has been weighing on me quite a bit. So I have come up with a solution, a challenge I have dubbed, “Who Are My ‘spirations’?”

Strange word I know, but if you give me a moment it will all make sense. Each week I want to focus on people who have helped , inspired, awed or just down right made me smile. This is done all in the effort of both generating a bit more positivity in my life as well as encouraging myself to write a little bitmore. I want to share with you all for six weeks how much they have helped me in the hope of adding a bit more sparkle into your life.


So, without further ado, Week One is: Brittney Balyn!


Photograph By: Chris Lee (Grizzlee) Martin

Let me give you a little bit of background on her, I first started following Brittany Balyn six years ago. SIX YEARS! And when I go back over it and think about that, it is a long time to be following someone on YouTube.

She is what we can all consider a beauty/fashion guru with the majority of her videos primarily consist of hair dye tutorials and styles, clothing hauls and beauty looks. In addition, for over a year, she and her current boyfriend started up a vlogging channel named: Our Daily Riot.

However, whilst I do admit I watched all of their videos (as well as all of her previous ones), this wasn’t why I really followed her. In every tutorial or haul, no matter the type or genre, she would just talk. About life, previous situations and troubles, high and lows… Everything she would (self proclaimed) ramble on about made it easier and easier to relate to. And these days, more often then not, social media icons are placed so high on societies pedestals that we cannot truly see the daily struggles that even they go through.

Brittany Balyn, from what I believe and understand her to be, is a kind, caring and pug-loving person. Someone who sometimes over stresses about life but loves to talk her whole way through every video she posts. And for that, she makes me happy.

Thank-you Brittney!

If anyone wants to go and check her out: Instagram, Youtube, Twitter.




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