March Maddness


March has been a very busy and flustering month for me with the start of uni and stress with work. But here are a few things that have helped me along.


1. Song: Hoops by The Rubens

Whilst not entirely the genre that I listen to, a lot of friends of mine play this repeated and eventually I just had to give in. Thus, becoming one of my most listened to songs right alongside Army of Noise by Bullet For My Valentine. (Plus, after it won top spot on Triple J’s Top 100, it has been playing on repeat!)

2. Book: Game of Thrones – Book 1 of A Song of Ice and Fire by George R. R. Martin

Yes. I know. I am a little bit behind the times here having not yet read it (and still only halfway through) but already I can’t stop. These days I find I am hard pressed for time to sit down let alone read a book so Audible has become my new best friend. This doesn’t mean that I am tossing out hard covers altogether. No. I am actually a collector of antique books so they will always be a constant in my life. However, the app lets me take as many titles as I want anywhere I go. So this month I have found myself listening to Game of Thrones almost nonstop (even at the gym).

3. MovieLabyrinth

Now this is my childhood! I use to watch this every week up until I was 15 years old. And with everything that has happened recently, I have started watching this again.

4. Tea: Detox and Cleanse by The Tea Center

In terms of hot drinks, in the morning I almost always have a coffee (especially on Uni days), during the day is either regular tea or warm milo but my evenings have been a struggle. Two months ago I was browsing in the Tea Center and came across their Detox and Cleanse. It took me another month to finally start using it, and I am loving it.

5a. Bath: Soak Opera by Zoella

I have a secret love for taking baths. I can spend hours just reading and relaxing but I have always struggled to find any bath soaks whose scents that last for over half an hour. After scrawling the internet, I came across one of my favourite YouTubers reviewing her most recent product lines. And well… the rest is history.

5b. Bath: Dirty by Lush

One Word. SPEARMINTY. Yep, plus blue, this completely sums up a description of Lush’s body wash, Dirty. I have always preferred more minty or spicy scents to the fruity and sweet. So when I stumbled into Lush on a whim and ended up repurchasing this, it was love all over again.

6. Mascara: Napoleon Perdis Classic Glam

I hate clumpy lashes, no matter how much they are in fashion. Because of this, the ‘Barely There’ or ‘Whispy’ style is and shall remain my go to for a long time to come. The Formula is very smooth and light which works perfectly for me. One coat of this and I am ready to face the outside world.

7. Cheeks: Hourglass Luminous Light Illuminator

My ‘Go To’ for the month (if not the whole of 2015 as well) after it was released. If you are after a glowing or dewy look then this is your new best friend! Very light and versatile, this product is what I reached for (and still do) every time I am going out. This is a must need/must try/must use product!

(One of the first makeup reviews I have ever done is on this product so If anyone wanted to take a sneaky peak then the link is HERE).

8. Eyes: Naked Smokey Palatte by Urban Decay

For anyone who is familiar to my small blog, they may know that I reviewed this palette in addition to the Hourglass Illuminator earlier on in the year. And yes, I am still completely and utterly in love with it. If one day I ever run out, I know exactly where I will be going to pick up another.

(If anyone wanted to read about it, the link is HERE).



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