Shade And Light Essentials (Kat Von D Review)


A big night out for me calls for a subtle but defined face, and after much searching I have come across one of my new makeup beaus: Kat Von D’s Shade + Light Contour Palette. So hopefully after you have read this, you will give it a try and come to love it as much as I do myself.


1. Pigmentation:

Matte and loving it! Each shade is extremely buildable and allows for as little or as much product as I want. I struggle to find suitable colours for my ghostly pale skin, so when I saw that Kat Von D’s products were available on the new Sephora Australia website, I jumped on the opportunity.

2. Palette Options:

Contour, Bronze and Highlight: Every three persons defining elements in sculpting our faces. However, I like to believe that whilst we can slap each element into three segments, the art of shading should be centered on defining certain characteristics and features of the face and deserves a name more eloquent then contouring, bronzing and highlighting. In saying so, the palette, to me, offers so much more in the way of defining my face with cool, warm and neutral shades which is what I love about it!

3. Quality:

Whenever I look at buying at beauty product, I almost always like to read the reviews beforehand. and everything that I have seen so far is all GOOD, GREAT and FANTASTIC! Exceptionally pressed and potted, the good quality of the palette even extends to its packaging. The raised lettering on the case embodies everything of what the palette is about.

4. Most Used Shades: 

My skin tone is a warm light beige so for me the first light shade, Lucid, and the second two darker shades on the bottom row, Sombre and Shadowplay, work perfectly with my skin.


The palette costs AUS$64.00 from Sephora, both instore and online.

If you take the time to go through the reviews for the product, it will become obvious that almost all and completely positive. Mine is no exception and I am PROUD of it!

Does anyone else own this palette? And if so, how much do you love it?



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