Beginners Essential To Contouring (Smashbox Review)

Fair skin problems for me are finding contour and highlight products that are better suited to my skin. Everything these days that I seem to like are far too dark or cool toned. So it was a lifesaver when I can across the Smashbox Step By Step Contour Kit in the shade Deep. So here we go…


1. Pigmentation:

Matte, matte and more matte! Highly concentrated which means that you only need the tiniest of touches to build it up to the level you want without going through half of the product in one sitting.

2. Palette Options:

Contour: A warm darker tone beige with a pink undertone. I never want anything too dark for my cheeks and nose being the pale being that I am so this tone is perfect for me.

Bronze: A darker warm deep brown-bronze which, because it is a matte shade, makes it perfect for adding that little bit of shadow to the temples, chin, neck, eyebrow bone and nose.

Highlight: One shade lighter than my natural skin tone, this warm shade highlighter is a perfect matte colour for when I am after a day-to-day subtle cheek.

3. Quality:

Perfect for blending and with long-term day wear with little to no smudging, I am a Smashbox addict when it comes to their contour kits! The powder is very fine and tightly pressed in the packaging. Plus, the kit comes with both a mirror in the packaging and a brush! I am craving kits these days that come with properly sized mirror which shows me a good portion of my face rather than just the pupil of my eye.

4. Rating: 

4 out of 5 Hearts! Most definitely worth it for the quality and the packaging.


The set costs AUS$71.00 from Mecca, both in store and online. It is a perfect starter kit for anyone looking at either getting their first makeup kit together or looking at supplementing what they already have. However, one of the downsides is the price… AUS$71.00 is quite a lot of money for such a little product but it is worth it all the same. For the amount of use that you get out of it and the quality of the product, I would be expecting to pay about that amount any way.


Now when you go and look at this product, I recommend looking at the other reviews and make up your own mind. Anyone here having tried it, let me know how it worked for you!



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