Antsy April


April, very much like March before has been a whirlwind of stress and work  with Uni for me. So this month, I have found that I have been very focused on anything and everything that has helped me to keep calm, energized and invigorated in my work. I could say that everything will be wrapping up in the stress department soon but then I would be fooling myself with dishonesty. So lets just put it at I cannot wait until my July skiing holiday!


1. MusicLinkin Park

What can I say, I have been a fan for over 7 years now and I am not looking back anytime soon! In between my audio books and work, their music, I am completely covered for entertainment for the next few months! Plus, they are currently in the studio working on a new album, can we please call in the cheerleaders here because I cannot contain my excitement.

2. Book: Game of Thrones: A Song of Ice and Fire (Book 2): A Clash of Kings by George R. R. Martin

Yet again I am referring back to Audible  (and no this is not paid) because I take my phone everywhere I go. On the bus, in the car and even in the design rooms I am constantly finding myself listening to books rather than music. Hence, since I have finished the first book in the Game of Thrones series (finally!), I have moved on to number two. Halfway through it, I can most certainly say that I am definitely hooked yet again. Now I know that the new season of the TV series is due soon but honestly, I am just loving at listening to them at my own pace.

3. MovieThe Hobbit: An Unexpected Adventure

My secret obsession, I am a HUGE Star Wars and Lord of The Rings fan! And recently I just purchased the extended editions of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Adventure. So as you can guess, this has been playing almost nonstop in the background whilst I am working.

4. DrinkPlain Water With A Dash Of Lemon Juice

Energy drinks or high sugar content drinks always leave me feeling sick and uneasy and do not give me any energy to focus on my work. And already, I drink about 1 and a half liters of water a day, so when I just add a dash of lemon juice to it, somehow, it gives me that little bit of added energy. Another bonus, it is a detox and has helped keep my skin moderately clear under all of the pressure and stress. Ladies and Gentlemen, if you don’t do this already then I recommend that you do.

5a. Face: Immortelle Essential Water by L’Occitane

Such a good product for removing the lightest traces of makeup and acts as a light skin toner at the same time. I recently was given a small 30mL bottle of it early this month and obviously it has left an impression on me if it is in this months favourites! In the morning, as I am in between my favourite toners, I have found myself using this as a replacement and lets just say that it is stacking up perfectly. Plus, the small size that I have is perfect for travelling so this is something that I will be taking with me to New Zealand in July.

5b. FacePure Argon Oil by Josie Maran

Once a week I have found that my skin needs a refresher with all the stress it is being put under currently. So lets welcome Josie Maran’s concentrated Argon Oil. This honestly has been a lifesaver in keeping the redness down on my face when I put it on before I go to bed. Another added bonus, it comes in a dropper bottle, who doesn’t love a dropper bottle! Somehow they always seem more appealing when it comes packaged like that, no matter if it is perfume, foundation, oil or medicine. Something I am definitely glad to have discovered this month!

5c. FaceSupermud by Glam Glow

I know that quite a few internet personalities use this product and Anna Saccone (Blogger, Youtuber and Super-Mom) swears by it once a week but I have always questioned whether it actually works. So after weighing up that costs with the possible benefits, I dug out the money and purchased it. And my god thank goodness I did, this product really does work! I have a problem with blackheads and this just completely clears out my pores. However, I know that I will only be using this face mask sparingly (once every 1-2 weeks) because of the price for the amount you get. But still something that I am definitely in love with this month!

6. PerfumeIn2U (Her) by Calvin Klein 

Not subtle in the least when you first spray it on, Calvin Klein’s In2U in Her perfume settles into a light aroma which lasts all day long. To me, it seems to be not a sweet nor a musky scent, but rather a perfect blend between the two. And because of this, it will have me reaching for it whenever I am going out somewhere special.

7a. Cheeks: Hourglass Luminous Light Illuminator

Guess what has cropped up again in my second official Monthly Favourites… Mmmhmm, the famous Hourglass Luminous Light Illuminator! When I am at uni for longs 9 hour stints at a time, I spend most of my time in the design rooms with little to no sunlight. Because of this, my skin becomes more pale and flatter then usual (no matter the amount of treatments and moisturisers I use). The Illuminator just helps to give my skin that little bit of a radiant glow. Swirl it in slightly with your favourite bronzer and it will aid in that summer glow.

(The third makeup review I have ever written is on the Hourglass Illuminator! So if anyone wanted to take a sneaky peak then the link is HERE).

7b. CheeksBrush On Radiance by The Body Shop

Add this in with my Hourglass Illuminator and you get both a subtle blush coloring and a slight glow. Ordinarily, I will reach for this to mix in with my lighter shades of blush, but lately this month I have found that I have been reaching for this more and more often. For uni it is perfect for that very light ‘no makeup-makeup’ look I go for and it sits very well on my Tarte BB Tinted Treatment.

8. HairWild Dry Shampoo by Batiste

Let me start by say, this will be your lifesaver if you are as busy as I am in the week. In between four nights of Basketball, Uni work averaging around 23 hours and add part time work on top of it, I am, at certain points, far too exhausted to wash my hair every 3-4 days. Once a week suits me fine and this dry shampoo helps me out heaps.

(A little tip, I do a Argon Oil treatment on my hair every 1-2 weeks, and when I do, I just french braid my hair into two and it can remain like that for the whole course of the day).


Anything that grabs your fancy?



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