About Me


I am Lunar, 19 years old and an enthusiast for all things Beauty, Lifestyle, Music and Design.

Currently living in Australia (as I have all of my life), I am a third year University student studying Architecture. Having an interest in everything design, lifestyle, fitness and beauty, I have found hat I have always constantly been pulled back time and time again to the internet.

In June, 2015 I decided to start up a small blog on the website Blogspot about things fashion and festival. But, it wasn’t until December that I came over to WordPress with a bit more motivation to write about past, present and hopefully future experiences.

Whilst I want to somehow leave my mark in this world – like every other billionth person – I find that the little things leave the largest of impacts. And whilst I will probably be bogged down with mile-high piles of work, I am going to strive to share something with you.

So live more, love life and learn to regret less!